Founders Cup / Salver 2012
Posted by Edd on November 20 2012 19:27:23

Welcome to the 2012 Founders Cup and Salver.



Last Year saw The George A take there 6th win in a row for the Founders Cup Title. This year we will have a new team on the trophy for sure due to the demise of the George A team but which team will it be?. With Raptors currently in first place I fear they are the firm faviouates but not far behind we have Riley's Raiders who are also in a with a firm shout.

The Salver on the other hand has had a diffrent team win it for the past 8 years with Riley's Rumblers taking the 2011 title on there third Salver final. With a close league match against Woking Snooker already this season which went to a final frame decider and was won by Woking Snooker could we see them taking another win in the prelim round to push Rumblers in to the plate or will we see the Rumblers come out for revenge.

The draw can be found in the Cup/Salver link on the home page.

I will place my predictions in the froums so why not join me and tell us your predictions for the Prelim round.


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