Cup/Salver 2010
Posted by Edd on October 17 2010 21:29:47

Thursday 21st October is the preliminary round for the 2010 Cup/Salver Competition.
The draw is as follows:

BYE  Vs  Crossley B
Riley's Rogues  Vs Anchor B
Pyrford Social  Vs Snooker A
George B  Vs White Hart A
The Bear  Vs Railway Club
Riley's Rumblers  Vs Crossley A
White Hart B  Vs Snooker B
Birch & Pines B  Vs Anchor A
Crown & Anchor  Vs George A
Catherine Of Aragon  Vs Birch & Pines A

Please note it is first to 6 frames and all other league rules apply.

Good Luck To All