Averages 2009
Posted by Edd on October 06 2009 22:10:49

West Surrey Pool League
Invitation Averages 2009

Thursday 24th September 2009 saw our second of 2 pre-season competitions.
Our host For the evening was our League sponsors Riley's Pool/Snooker Club.

With sixteen runners the draw was supprisingly spread out and in turn there were no big scalpings in the first round. Unfortunatly it was early doors for K. Harrison, C. Mansey, S. Colton, J. Dobson, W. Mckimming, S. Renoylds, B. King and C, Dobson.
The eight winners through to round two were: N. Richardson, D. Sims, C. Hawkins, M. Rasek, B. Noel, T. Harding, M. Chubb ad G. Groves.

We are now down to the Quarter Finals and things would get a little more tense.
Three of the four matches were over fairly quick with all having a 2-0 score line in the form of M. Rasek, B. Noel and M. Chubb going through first. The forth QTR Final was between N. Richardson and D. Sims. Neither would give in easily and this would be the only QTR match to go to a deciding frame which saw D. Sims taking the final frame and in turn the last Semi Final spot.

The First Semi Final match would be D. Sims Vs M. Rasek. With both fairly evenly matched neither would give an inch and so it is down to who would have the luck of the balls. This would fall in to the hands of M. Rasek takng the win 2-0.
The second semi final match would be our very own singles finalist M. Chubb up against Surrey County player B. Noel. This would be a battle of the best and only the best will make it. Both were trying there best to get through to the final but in the end it would go to the singles finalist M. Chubb with a 2-1 victory.

The Final
M. Rasek Vs M. Chubb
Frame 1
M. Rasek gets of to a flying start leaving M. Chubb in no position to fight back and so having to play safe right from the off. This would continue for the whole frame. Although M. Chubb started to make progress it would not be enough and M. Rasek takes the first frame with an impressive black from being snookered.

Frame 2
With M. Chubb breaking and coming up dry it left M. Rasek show his dominance and luck with full force. M. Chubb could do nothing apart from try to slow the game down by taking the ball and then playing safe. No matter what M. Chubb would do M. Rasek had an answer for it. For the second frame in a row M. Rasek would pot the black from a snooker and so taking the title of Invitation Averages Champion 2009.

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Report By
Edd Marshall