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2008 winter season review
2008 Winter Season Review

Well with another season gone by what has it meant to you?.
Have you done what you set out to do, gone far beyond that or have got nowhere near.


With all the usual suspects making up div1 could anyone keep up with the elite top two, that being the mighty George A and the silky swift Crossley A.
Stoughton Working Mens Club gave it a good crack but just did not have the staminar and ended 20pts behind 1st place taking the third spot. So with the elite 2 left to there own devices who was going to fold first. After the first half of the season the George A were infront by a meesley 1pt so could this be yet another close season right to the end. Well the answer is a big yes and with a slight change in fixtures it left the last game of the season being the biggest (Crossley A Vs George A).
After 13 games the George A had won 12 lost 1 leaving them on 101 pts and the Crossley A with a max 13 wins and no losses leaving them on 100 pts.
This meant that both teams needed 6 pts to take the title.
All was going the way of the george by taking the first 2 frames. After the first 5 it was 3-2 to the george so Crossley were certainly not taking it laieing down. The George then took the next 2 to make it 5-2, they just needed 1 more for the title. Could the Crossley bring it back, well of course they could by taking the next 3 frames on the trot to make it 5-5. So the whole 2008 Winter season championship came down to just 1 frame.
The team captains now had to make a choice of who to put in and well it could only be the 2008 singles champion Andy Sutherland for the George and Runner up Martin Chubb for the Crossley and with Martin to break could he pull it out of the hat and win one remaining frame of the season. He breaks of only to find a bad split and cue ball stuck in the back of the pack. With neither wanting to give anything away both players agreed on a re-rack. Martin breaks for the second time and splits the pack wide open but not a single ball finds a pocket, so Andy comes to the table and in true fashion takes on clear up to give the Mighty George A there 4th championship win out of the last 5 winter seasons.

Martin Chubb helped himself to the best player award with an impressive +20 frames in his pocket.
T. Harding walks away with second place on a +17.

Division two

Division two looked to be the toughest division of all and it certainly showed for most of the season. Although The slick Riley's Rulers took an early lead they could not pull away and fast on there heals were most of the division including the likes of the dedicated Riley's Rumblers and the fast paced Chobham FC.
By the half way point and the demize of the Railway Club Riley's Rulers found themselves in joint first with the Queens Head B and the fast approaching Riley's Rumblers and Chobham FC both only 5 points behind.
All was running smooth for everyone with nothing being given away until week 11. This was the week that changed everything, Chobham got a massive 10-1 win over the newcomers Wellington, the quiet Crown A took a 7-4 win against the top running Queens Head B and the slick Riley's Rulers snatched a 9-2 win from the Damaged Riley's Rumblers. The positions now looked a whole lot diffrent from the week before.
Week 12 saw the Rumblers without there best player for the second week running and another heavy 10-1 loss against the Crown A. Was this the turning point for the Crown or was it a lucky win against a damaged team. After week 12 Rulers had managed to keep top spot and pull out a 9 point lead over Chobham FC but Queens Head and the Crown were only 4 points of Chobham, Riley's Rumblers had gone from a winning chance team to a relagating team in just 2 weeks.
Week 13 saw everything back to normal with all teams not gaining or loseing on each other and with the Rumblers on a bye could this be a good thing for them to regain strength for the final match.
The final match was here and with the Rulers 9 points in front of Chobham FC they were all anxious as to whether their sister team Riley's Rumblers had regained enough strength to get at least 2 frame wins against Chobham FC. With the Rulers on a bye they all came down to watch and support the Rumblers.
Both teams were looking a little nerveous as the match got under way, Chobham's Sam Elliott took a big scalp by beating Rumblers best player Daniel Heard. Riley's Rumblers was able to return the favour by taking the second frame to make it 1-1. Next up was Eddie Marshall, Rumblers Worst player this season so it was no suprise when Neil Sewell gave Chobhams 2nd frame.
In the forth frame all eyes were on Mick Heard from the Rumblers and Chobham's Captian Martin Ansell, There were cheers all round as Mick gave the Rumblers there 2nd frame of the match and in turn handing 1st place to the Riley's Rulers.
Now the Rumblers had to keep it up in order to stay out of the relagation Zone and in true Rumblers Style they managed to finish the night with only a 6-5 loss giving them another winter season div2 visit in 2009.
The Crown A managed to steal 3rd place from the Queens Head B by 1pt, making up the bottom 2 were the newcomers Wellington and the Princess A.

Martin Ansell took best player with +12 frames just 2 frames infront of team mate Sam Elliott who picks up second place.

Division three

No one realy stood out to take the title in this division. It was not until a few weeks in we started to get an idea when Woking Snooker A pulled out a 9-2 win in week three so could this be our division winner.
Week 4 came round all to quick and the chance for someone to return fire. Sure enough that team was the great West Byfleet Social B who got a tidy 9-2 win while others only managed 6-5's.
West Byfleet's continued there fortune by winning there next three matches but could not shake of the might of Woking Snooker A. By the half way stage West Byfleet B had only managed to pull out a lead of 4 points over the Woking Snooker A while Woking Snooker And Station 1 fighting over 3rd and 4th place with only 1 point between them.
The second half of the season started well for both top teams but over the next 5 games West Byfleet took another 25 points while Woking snooker took 26pts reducing the gap to a measly 3pt difference so the title could still go to either team. The next week (week 13) would be the key game with them playing each other. With West Byfleet having the home advantage they were able to steal good points with a 8-3 win over the Woking Snooker A. So after 13 matches and a good win for West Byfleet in week 13 they now stood 8pts infront of Woking Snooker A, Woking Snooker knew that they would have to pull out all the stops in the last game of the season to take the title and so were all fired up to try there best only for there opponents to pull out due to lack of players so were just awarded the standard 8pts. The west Byfleet managed a big 7-4 win secureing them the title even if Woking Snooker had managed an 11-0.

Best player was given to K. Durrant with his +11 frames.
Second place goes to S. Lewsza with a matching +11 frames but had played less frames through out the season.

Division Four

With the Cricketers joining for there second season and taking the Summer 2008 title in there debut season could they pull it of for a second win in a row.
In the first week they could only manage a 6-5 win while Princess B and Crossley B showed what there made of with both picking up 9-2 wins in week 1 and 2.
Week three came round all to quick and again took big wins with the Princess getting 1 pt more than the Crossley B, another supprise was The Kingfield B picking up a 10-1 win over the Crown B. Were we going to see a 2 or 3 horse race to the title.
Week 4 looked a bit messy with kingfield beating Princess B 7-4 and the Crossley B only managing a 6-5 win.
By the half way point the three were starting to split with Crossley B 8pts clear from Princess B and the Kingfield B a further 4pts behind that. Last seasons champs the Cricketers had no answer for the big guns infront being a total of 16 pts behind 1st place.
Another 5 matches goes by with the Crossley B gaining in points diffrence and breaking 100pt barrirer. The princess had lost pace with the Crossley B laying in second place only 1pt infront of the Kingfield B and in danger of slipping down further with only 2 matches remaining.
Week 13 see's Kingfield pick up 6pts while the Princess managing 7 which would see a final week battle for second place.
Princess B could not manage a win in the final week with a 7-4 loss over the Crossley B, so second place would all be down to what the Kingfield could do. Unfortunatly although The kingfield also had a loss it was not enough for the Princess and so second spot ended at the door of the Kingfield arms B.

Best player ended up going to J. Rchards with a great +16 frame differnce while second place went to S. Black who ended on a +15.

The committee hopes you all enjoyed your winter season and we can now look forward to the up and coming West Surrey Pool League competitions.

Thanks all
Eddie Marshall (League Secretary)


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28/08/2013 14:24
25/09/2012 15:48
It should now add up. Missed out a players "0" in week 6.
25/09/2012 14:19
It's cool, don't bother me jus thought you would like to know as could have an adverse effect on games diff!
25/09/2012 14:06
My bad. Will look into it within the next hour. It's easy to miss them out when you're rushing to do them at times. Simple mistake that can be put right in a matter of seconds Smile
25/09/2012 13:36
Steve will look in to it.
25/09/2012 13:26
Got a pretty good one thanks Dave, but I'm pretty observant! As you know! Haha! Eddie, They don't equal 13 matches of 11 frames!
25/09/2012 13:15
In what way do they not add up steve.
25/09/2012 12:45
stranger get a job you can't be that bored!!
25/09/2012 11:14
Is pyrford socials for and against correct?? It dont add up?
25/09/2012 08:57
Yes mate it is
25/09/2012 08:18
I'm I we can come to some sort of arrangement Jamesy! Smile gotta get the job done first! So is it it Wednesday?
24/09/2012 19:07
He can't afford me let alone the rest of our team lol
24/09/2012 17:42
Hey if it's a free bar you just have to take advantage beer
24/09/2012 17:19
Not sure what U R trying to say edd could U please explain
24/09/2012 16:48
Steve you better start winning the lottery then to pay for the free bar lol
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