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Shoutbox Archive
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stranger July 05 2012 10:52:29
Edd is our extra game to be updated next week?
flakey July 04 2012 20:52:52
Round it up to 10? laugh
snooker a July 04 2012 20:41:09
Make 7 flakey he has no hair lol laugh
flakey July 04 2012 19:41:55
5 points laugh
riverdave July 04 2012 18:17:31
Flakey you are the only word you know! see you next tuesday
flakey July 04 2012 15:17:26
Drifters just been deducted 3 points Dave Grin
riverdave July 04 2012 13:23:35
With a pen in your hand and you'll never get a job. Sign on Sign on! Lazy ****er Grin
flakey July 03 2012 23:47:16
wish i had 1 lol cheeky git Swear
snooker a July 03 2012 23:45:26
Get job u bum lol Grin
flakey July 03 2012 23:18:08
I've got loads of time to sort out websites if anyone wants me Smile lol
Edd July 03 2012 20:46:05
Why do you ask? Has it not been updated? Lol
snooker a July 03 2012 20:21:11
Anyone no if NKOTB has been updating region 7 site . Another vacancy flakey ?
snooker a July 03 2012 19:45:23
Fair enough flakey still don't help remember talking to martin and his date was that u lol and yes the band were good
flakey July 03 2012 01:28:52
I was at the bar with Martyn McENroy from my league, saw a couple of your players ****ing it up lol
snooker a July 02 2012 18:45:34
Didn't no u were there flakey u should have said hi.if u did then sorry don't remember lol
flakey July 02 2012 18:27:25
twas a good night Snooker A, thought the band were excellant
snooker a July 02 2012 17:36:17
From what I can remember it was a great night just a shame no other wspl players were there but we had your drink anyway lol
bert July 01 2012 17:37:28
how did last night go james
stranger June 28 2012 23:45:18
6-5 win against ripley, from 1-4 and 3-5 down! Good result!
snooker a June 27 2012 21:48:25
Fair play wspl anything is a bonus ,was convinced it would b **** all so the moaning worked I c lol


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Site Team

Site Team

You must login to post a message.

28/08/2013 14:24
25/09/2012 15:48
It should now add up. Missed out a players "0" in week 6.
25/09/2012 14:19
It's cool, don't bother me jus thought you would like to know as could have an adverse effect on games diff!
25/09/2012 14:06
My bad. Will look into it within the next hour. It's easy to miss them out when you're rushing to do them at times. Simple mistake that can be put right in a matter of seconds Smile
25/09/2012 13:36
Steve will look in to it.
25/09/2012 13:26
Got a pretty good one thanks Dave, but I'm pretty observant! As you know! Haha! Eddie, They don't equal 13 matches of 11 frames!
25/09/2012 13:15
In what way do they not add up steve.
25/09/2012 12:45
stranger get a job you can't be that bored!!
25/09/2012 11:14
Is pyrford socials for and against correct?? It dont add up?
25/09/2012 08:57
Yes mate it is
25/09/2012 08:18
I'm I we can come to some sort of arrangement Jamesy! Smile gotta get the job done first! So is it it Wednesday?
24/09/2012 19:07
He can't afford me let alone the rest of our team lol
24/09/2012 17:42
Hey if it's a free bar you just have to take advantage beer
24/09/2012 17:19
Not sure what U R trying to say edd could U please explain
24/09/2012 16:48
Steve you better start winning the lottery then to pay for the free bar lol
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